As mad as a Penguin

I'm just a little late to the party, but April 25th was World Penguin Day, So I thought what better way to celebrate, than with gelato and a slice of cake. Well, the warm memories of having some at Mad Penguin. 

It was a rainy Monday in Aberdeen, when we decided to check out Mad Penguin with my family and sister who was visiting. When I first read about the vegan ice creams that Mad Penguin offers, I thought that it was a place I had to take my sister to. She can very rarely treat herself to ice cream, as she is milk and soy intolerant. According to her, milk free ice cream is usually made with soy milk and sorbets have milk protein added to them. At Mad Penguin the vegan gelato didn't have any kind of milk in it.

Our party of three and a half had two tubs of Ice cream. We tried the vegan Orange&Earl Grey and a regular Strawberry cheesecake. My husband had a Mocha and a slice of peanut butter-chocolate cake.

This usually never happens, but everything was A-mazing!
I was super curious to try the vegan ice cream, and I couldn't believe how creamy yet fresh it tasted. I would have thought that milk free ice cream would be rather watery, but this definitely was not the case.

The PB cake was divine, moist and just full of flavour all around. I will definitely go back for more. Also the Strawberry cheesecake ice cream was really really good and not too sweet as they sometimes tend to be! I'm always reluctant to pick any strawberry flavour as I had a slight overdose situation when I had three of my wisdom teeth removed at once. In fact, this was the fist time I've had Strawberry cheesecake ice cream since 2013. Haha!

The Mocha was apparently the best my husband has ever had in our three years in Aberdeen. And that is a huge compliment from an ex barista!

I loved the modern and a bit industrial feel of the Cafe. The service was exceptional, and we were given little spoonfuls of Ice cream to try before making our decision. All around this place is the perfect location for a catch up with coffee or lunch! Once the Marishal Square is finished it will be the best people watching place, too.

This little hidden gem deserves 5/5 stars and an extra mention for the blingy toilet and how good photos turn out due to the big windows. So go ahead my Insta addicts, this is the place to go to!

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