When Giraffe's offered the ABZ bloggers a chance to try their new spring menu I jumped at the opportunity! I had only been to Giraffe's once before, in fact, it was the first restaurant, that G ever had his own kids meal!

As expected, the service was friendly and relatively quick, considering we were almost 20 people.

We were given the option to choose a cocktail (or mocktail), starter or dessert and a main. As I have a total sweet tooth, I of course opted to skip the starter and chose a dessert instead.


My chosen drink was a 'Bramble Garden', which was a refreshing cocktail with berries, elderflower and gin. Perfect for summer and not too sweet either.


For my main dish I ordered the Scandi Salmon, which was a mixture of poached salmon, new potatoes, fresh salad and dill. It was light yet filling and reminded me of the Finnish summer. (Because 90% of the summer we only eat new potatoes with dill and fish haha!)


For dessert I chose the white chocolate cheesecake with passion fruit. I’m usually not the biggest cheesecake fan, but I found this super delicious. It wasn't too heavy or sweet and the combination with passion fruit was spot on.

All in all, I had yet another great experience at Giraffe's. Next time I would probably go for a different main course just to mix it up a little. The Chicken Milanese was a big success among our group as was the Bowl for the Soul.


Have you tried their new spring menu and if so, how did you like it?