chitter chatter

Its been another quiet week on the blog, but I will try to get my act together next week :P I had big plans about writing something decent on the blog today, but after a long and enjoyable day with family, friends and wine (and food, too much food!) I now gave up on that.

This week my dear parents were visiting us and now the freezer is stocked with cinnamon rolls and meatballs! <3 We already miss you!

G is becoming more and more independent and today he was actually swinging his finger to me when I told him not to stand on the chair. I wonder where he learned that from!

This week we have also booked our annual family holiday to Brazil. Im already super excited and need to start planning as we want to make the most out of our trip. One of the plans is also to finally baptize baby G. I will need to look for a restaurant to host our small party and find suitable clothes for G and myself.

Now I'll poke my husband awake, blackmail my dog to curl up next to me and start watching American crime story! What an exciting first episode and a top notch cast. Some other series I want to watch are Narcos and Making a Murderer.

Have a great weekend y'all!


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