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Its been another quiet week on the blog, but I will try to get my act together next week :P I had big plans about writing something decent on the blog today, but after a long and enjoyable day with family, friends and wine (and food, too much food!) I now gave up on that.

This week my dear parents were visiting us and now the freezer is stocked with cinnamon rolls and meatballs! <3 We already miss you!

G is becoming more and more independent and today he was actually swinging his finger to me when I told him not to stand on the chair. I wonder where he learned that from!

This week we have also booked our annual family holiday to Brazil. Im already super excited and need to start planning as we want to make the most out of our trip. One of the plans is also to finally baptize baby G. I will need to look for a restaurant to host our small party and find suitable clothes for G and myself.

Now I'll poke my husband awake, blackmail my dog to curl up next to me and start watching American crime story! What an exciting first episode and a top notch cast. Some other series I want to watch are Narcos and Making a Murderer.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Pamper Hamper revealed

Last week I teamed up with lovely Patsy from Forever Living and tested some products that she generously let me have for a few days.

I have always liked Aloe Vera based products, as I find them very gentle on the skin so I was super excited to try these out.

The hamper had about 15-20 products in it and I'm writing a quick review* on the ones that I found most suitable for myself and which I would consider buying. I have split this review in two, featuring the face products in the first one and the ones for body in the second.


Aloe Cleanser
This creamy cleanser had a nice subtle fragrance and removed makeup well from the skin. It left the skin feeling moisturized without being oily. A really nice product with a good price tag. RRP £11,99

Forever Aloe Scrub
I loved this Face&Body scrub! The grains are just big enough to not be too harsh on the face, but it still feels like a nice scrub on the body. Also it did not dry out the skin as opposed to some face scrubs from other brands. RRP £13,44

Forever Marine mask
A very -I'll say it again- gentle and moisturizing face mask. What I loved about it, was that it was light in color and it didnt really dry and crackle on the skin. You could use it during the day without scaring off your children or the delivery guy - my husband barely noticed that I was using a face mask. RRP £19,09


Firming day lotion
I liked this face creme, but as I have extremely dry skin during winter time, I felt that it didnt give me enough moisture. I could imagine using it during summer time as a lighter daily moisturizer. RRP £18,72

Recovering Night Creme

This night creme was the perfect amount of moisture for the night. After doing the face cleaning routine, it felt pampering to finish it off with the night creme. A good product, but  RRP £26,26

Forever Alluring Eyes
I am quite the rookie when it comes to eye cremes. I have only started to use them nearly a year ago. So far I have been sticking with one brand only, but especially during winter I feel that it's not thick enough for me. This Forever Alluring eyes was very moisturizing yet light on the skin. Definitely a thumbs up for this product! RRP £20,71

Forever Aloe Lips 
Yes, Yes and Yes! I am probably the worst lip product addict there is! My friends used to laugh about me when I put on 7 different lip products within 20 minutes. Well.. I just needed all of them! And this Lip balm is no exception, it has a nice scent and is clear in colour. Nobody likes those white streaks of dried product in the corner of the mouth! Definitely one of my favourite lip balms. RRP £2,99

*All opinions are my own.

Valentine's day Oreo truffles

You need:

2packs of oreos

2 tbsp cream cheese

1bag of candy melts

Sprinkles (optional)

Mix oreos and cream cheese in a food processor until smooth. Spread mixture on a silicone mat about 2cm thick  and cut out heart shapes with a cookie cutter. Leave the hearts in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Carefully melt the candy melts (instruction). Take the hearts out of the freezer one by one and dip them in the melted candy melt with the help of a fork. Carefully transfer the heart onto a cookie sheet and decorate! IMG_5222

Sunday thoughts...

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the pace of the universe, where everyone is going or coming from somewhere. Not just in the literal sense. Anyone who is or has been a stay at home parent, knows how suddenly time stops still, but everyone around you still keeps on going 110mph. And I must admit, at times I did get stressed out over it.
As I have previously written, one of my new years resolutions was to "live in the moment". I have knowingly tried to do so and appreciate the small things. I have tried to put the phone down more often just to cherish what is happening around me. I think we all should learn from children, who will stop to look at the same things over and over again. A little persons perception is such a wonderful thing.


One of the main things that stressed me out was, if I had to leave the house early in the morning. All the packing and getting dressed sometimes took so long that I knew we were going to miss the first 5 minutes of music class. Something that I have changed to make the situation better is work on my time management. Getting G dressed straigt after breakfast, packing the bag early (as opposed to doing so right before having to leave the house and not being able to find object X) and planning ahead in general. But the most important change that I have made was changing my attitude; It really is not that bad if we actually miss the first few minutes of a class or if I have to take the next bus to town.


Cherishing the moment is probably the most important thing to do in this stage of my life. Seeing G grow and change every day, I feel privileged to be experiencing it first hand. Of course there are days when I secretly (or not so secretly) envy the mothers who can drop their children off at daycare and wear white (or eat their lunch while its still hot or use the toilet without an audience) for the rest of the day.
A while ago I was talking to an old friend and thinking if I should go to work and how to balance work and family. My friends answer was something like "You should concentrate on your career while you are young and still can". At that point I realized, that I also had moved on, not neccesarily in the same direction as my working friends, but I wasnt in the same place as "pre baby". After our conversation I couldn't help but shrug and think "you obviously are not a parent".